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Gelbvieh influence calves are wanted by the feeder buyers! Gustin's Diamond D Gelbvieh annually offers the the quality preformance backed seedstock that could enhance your Gelbvieh influenced feeder production goals. We hope you find the following information helpful.

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As a valued customer of Gelbvieh influenced calves, you are eligible to list your calves on the American Gelbvieh Association’s “Feeder Finder”. Simply list your calves with a brief description of your cattle and the listing will be sent to over 200 feedlots across the United States. All listings must be in load lots, so if you don’t have enough calves to fill a semi load, consider teaming up with a neighbor who has Gelbvieh influenced calves. Just another way the AGA is helping to add value to your program. Click Here for more information.

Smart Select Service:

The American Gelbvieh Association is continually working to enhance the breed in all sectors of the industry. The AGA is currently providing the “Smart Select Service” to all producers that use Gelbvieh Genetics in their herds. Ranchers provide information on their cows including, breeding dates and expected calving dates of cows and weaning information about the calves. This service will help you keep records of your cows on a yearly basis, while adding information to the breed data base nationwide. The cost is $1.00/hd. Click Here for more information.


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