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Gustin's Diamond D Gelbvieh Ranch Bull Battery Show Case.

Featuring photos and information about our Gelbvieh Reference Sires.
Quality Gelbvieh seedstock requires exceptional Gelbvieh Herd Sires!

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GBG Crown Roya 117CGBG Crown Royal 117C Davidson Thumbs Up 91BDavidson Thumbs Up 91B
AMGV1329277 - EPD's AMGV1318738 - EPD's
Ivers Jake C 10ETIvers Jake C 10ET KKC Nobility 123YKKC Nobility 123Y
AMGV1312493 - EPD's AMGV1203507 - EPD's
  High selling bull at Kal Kota’s 2012 sale. He sires dark red calves with excellent performance and his daughters are proving to be very productive cows. He sired the Nobleman bull that was the high seller in a past sale.
Lazy TV Notch A781Lazy TV Notch A781 Post Rock Captain 153Z2Post Rock Captain 153Z2
AMGV1283513 - EPD's AMGV1228426 - EPD's
  A powerful, long bodied bull that we purchased from Post Rock. This bull adds stretch and eye appeal to his calves.
Post Rock Ten Plus ETPost Rock Ten Plus ET DDGR American Sniper 44BDDGR American Sniper 44B
AMGV1263390 - EPD's AMGV1293552 - EPD's
A 50% Balancer son of the famed Ten X Angus bull. We purchased him to use on heifers and were very pleased with his calves’ combination of eye appeal, calving ease and performance.  
At Ease A357At Ease A357  
AMGV1246814 - EPD's  


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